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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2012, 8:14 PM
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So I've been on the anime/manga scene for 6 years and I feel like it may be time to share some wisdom.
(some recs for those with some time this summer)
[Hetalia Axis Powers]: Just do it it's worth it.(find the dub if possible but I personally had a real good time watching the Japanese as well!) The episodes are short so they're a nice break from a busy schedule! and who knows? You might learn some history along the way!

[Durarara] and [Baccano]: A solid A+ for me. All characters are likable and enjoyable to follow. Baccano also has a simply divine English dub by funimation. Both stories know when to be light and when to be dark. Just watch dont look this up at all you do NOT want spoilers for this.

Speaking of light... Take a trip down memory lane and watch [Deathnote]! It's a must see! It's a fun smart roller coaster ride that took millions by storm!both sub and dub are good, but for this one watch dub you don't want to miss anything looking at words. The musical score is chilling and you are immediately drawn into this battle of minds. In my books it's a dark classic!

Another classic that's a crowd pleaser is [FullMetal Alchemist:Brotherhood]. I was around when plain old [Fullmetal Alchemist] was playing on adult swim and this new more accurate installment is steals the show ! I recommend the dub for this as well. This anime really goes down in the playbooks.

To celebrate the end of the anime I challenged myself to re-watch the soul-society arc of [Bleach]. And I was greatly pleased with what I saw.  Personally I feel the anime/manga should have ended with a certain man's imprisonment. But I highly recommend to some Bleach veterans to watch those first arcs again.

Along with that I'd like to challenge everyone to the chunnin exam arc in [Naruto]. I'm not gonna lie guys I still love this anime/manga.

[Sailor Moon] just do it for the lawls.

[Inuyasha] practically my childhood. literally woke up at 4:00am to watch this as a kid.

[Code Geass] if you haven't seen it seriously consider it. If you like Deathnote I really recommend this to you. It's deathnote + royalty + mechas+ crack. It's another fun ride that's a joy to watch.

[Black Butler] season one. It's a highly original show about a boy and his demon butler in victorian era london. Trust me. It's a winning combination.
[Princess Tutu] : this is not your regular magical girl series.(DO NOT WATCH DUB THEY MADE THE MAIN CHARACTER"S VOICE GRATE YOUR EARS) Follow Ahiru (Duck) as she collects the pieces of her prince's heart as she trys to fight her tragic fate. This anime takes a beatiful direction in the second season. Showing great character developement as Ahiru figures out who she really is and what true love is all about.  The musical score rocks my world with classics from famous ballet's the side characters are perhaps the best ever created. But I'm not surprised since this came from a man that worked on Sailor Moon.

Some recent shows that I've highly enjoyed are:

[Madoka Magica] : again not your regular magical girl show. live it. This anime will stick around in my brain for a long time. I loved every second of it. It just gets darker and darker as the show progresses and along with it's stunning backround and top notch characters I'm telling you to jump on this bandwagon.

[Mirai Nikki]: though lacking in some areas. The animation, plot, and interesting reoccurring characters makes this the best of the best in 2011(along with an amazing opening) this show was constantly surprising me...not only with the gore... but with it's heart and plot twists as well. Don't look anything up about it though. Just watch. There are spoilers everywhere/

[NO.6]: I loved this show. Though it only has about 11 episodes...each episode was chock full of plot. This dystopian sci-fi shonen-ai was a five course meal with all the fixings. A wonder to behold the character development literally makes you feel like the characters have become different people naturally. It makes sense and when I watch the first episode it makes me feel like a younger cousin has grown up.  For all those fangirls out there who have been yearning for a higher plot to yaoi ratio this is it. 95% plot and 5% fluffy cavity inducing yaoi. It's a win-win.

[Tiger & Bunny] : Don't let the name fool ya. This ain't no shojo. It's superheros. A bit of shonen-ai in here if you squint but it's really more buddy-cop then anything else. All characters are new and fresh the background is absolutely fantastic. The plot has an old school feel with a fresh twist and im gonna say it again it is just plain FRESH.  Anouther great win of 2011. You can still probs watch it on hulu.

[Shiki] : I've heard it been called the best anime of 2010 and god damn is that the truth! Vampires done right with interesting character designs and a kick ass theme song! With all the great gore near the end making this my top pic for someone trying to get into darker stuff.

Pretty much all of these have great manga (except for Princess Tutu who has a manga under the same name but with a horrible convoluted story and Code Geass + Tiger & Bunny who do not have manga's)

A lovely yaoi manga that I've found recently is [His Most Favorite]. It's something very good for yaoi manga beginners and veterans alike.

I will probably do more recs like these later. But I wanted to just put something out there for the summer. IF you want to discuss any of these series further just comment below!

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